A digital platform for Markets and Industries.

What we do

We help businesses merge with the digital economy.

Our service

We are growing a platform of powerful features and services to help businesses accelerate digitisation and automation, gain a competitive edge and remain engaged in a fast and changing landscape.

How may we help you


TGP and wholesale fuel storefront

Publish daily TGP or wholesale prices.
Manage purchase orders and customer inquiries.
Significantly digitize and automate TGP and wholesale fuel processes.
Free SSL certificate.
Onboard and manage new and existing customers.


Provide your customers a more seamless and end to end digital experience.
Invite your customers and third party services into your ecosystem.
Engage with customers outside business hours.

Operations and back office

Match procurement and sale orders with compliant and accredited suppliers and customers at the right price and contract terms.
Setup closed and public product catalogues.
Reduced siloed information and spreadsheets across departments.


Manage and publish product catalogues for existing and potential customers.
Setup internal and public catalogues.
Manage royalty reports.
Reduced siloed information and spreadsheets across departments.

Why us

ICH Markind has over 70 cumulative years of business experience in commodities, wholesale goods, business services and technology which we draw upon to deliver our digital platform to our customers. Our diverse experience across many markets and industries gives us a better understanding of how traditional business and technology can merge.

We aim to always be cost effective for small to medium businesses.
We bring software code as close as possible to the day to day reality of our customer’s business to reduce cost and increase customer service.
We are building a range of powerful and targeted features with the aim of solving key problems for your business.

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